state bank

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state bank

(Banking & Finance) (in the US) a commercial bank incorporated under a State charter and not required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System. Compare national bank

state′ bank′

a bank chartered by a state.
[1805–15, Amer.]
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Noun1.state bank - a bank chartered by a state rather than by the federal government
banking company, banking concern, depository financial institution, bank - a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities; "he cashed a check at the bank"; "that bank holds the mortgage on my home"
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Long after Robinson's buggy was out of sight, Martin stood in his doorway and stared at the five handsome figures, spelled out the even more convincing words and admired the excellent reproduction of The First State Bank.
The old brick store-building which housed The First State Bank was like a cool cavern.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 3, 2016-Arizona's State Bank Closes USD 29.
The government order said that the entire undertaking of the subsidiary unit will be transferred and vested in State Bank of India from August 26, 2010, the state-run bank said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.
NEW DELHI -- The Cabinet has cleared the merger of State Bank of Indore with its parent State Bank of India, a move that would help the country's largest lender to scale up operations and cut costs.
The "Union State Bank Tower" was named for the Bank's consistent commitment to the Children's Hospital Foundation.
The Federal Reserve Board on January 23, 2003, announced the issuance of an order of assessment of a civil money penalty against the Central State Bank, Calera, Alabama, a state member bank.
DALLAS -- Community Banking Systems (CBS), a provider of check imaging products and services for community financial institutions, was selected by Citizens State Bank of Loyal to provide its net.
We are thrilled that Union State Bank has taken a leadership role in this campaign by making a significant financial commitment to support the Hospice Home.
Genesis will allow Illini State Bank to capture and process check images rather than the time consuming processing of paper items.
Union State Bank employees received the gift of giving this holiday season as the Bank and the U.

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