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Noun1.state line - the boundary between two states
border, borderline, boundary line, delimitation, mete - a line that indicates a boundary
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Three bold and experienced men - cool, confident, and dry when they began; white, quivering, and wet when they finished their trick at those terrible wheels - swung her over the great lift from Albuquerque to Glorietta and beyond Springer, up and up to the Raton Tunnel on the State line, whence they dropped rocking into La Junta, had sight of the Arkansaw, and tore down the long slope to Dodge City, where Cheyne took comfort once again from setting his watch an hour ahead.
But when Dean and others who have been married in Vermont cross the state line, what rights do they lose?
Insignia/ESG has also been appointed exclusive sale and leasing agent for the 49,955 square-foot office building located at 445 Marshall Street in Phillipsburg, NJ, one block south of Route 22 and within a mile of the PA/NJ state line.
Schnitzer Steel (NASDAQ:SCHN), a US recycler of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, said it has agreed to buy Massachusetts-based sector player State Line Scrap Co for an undisclosed sum.
Enterprise Products Partners L.P has completed the purchase of the State Line and Fairplay natural gas gathering and treating systems from subsidiaries of M2 Midstream LLC ("Momentum").
(NYSE:EPD) declared on Thursday that it has entered into definitive agreements to acquire two natural gas gathering and treating systems, called The State Line system and The Fairplay system, for a purchase price of approximately USD1.2bn.
Illinois would be left with the equivalent of the old sawdust joints on the Nevada-California state line, where only degenerates stopped to play.
Across the state line in Fairfield County, CT, Malkin partnerships and W&M Properties successfully executed similar turnaround strategies, most notably at Merritt-View Plaza in Norwalk and Darien Green in Darien.
The State Line system will interconnect with the 42-inch Haynesville Extension of Enterprise's Acadian natural gas pipeline system.
This region covers approximately 1,100 square miles and stretches from the town of Emporia near the North Carolina border to the Maryland State line on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.
Senate Republicans fled the state to avoid being forcibly returned by the Oregon State Police, whose jurisdiction ends at the state line.

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