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Noun1.state tax lien - a lien on the property of a taxpayer that the tax collector can use upon default of payment of taxes
tax lien - lien of which a tax collector may avail himself in default of taxes (analogous to a judgment lien)
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of Employment Security; buyer, Hardware Construction Inc.; State Tax Lien.
Next, the law allows the FTB to use Earnings Withholding Orders for Taxes (EWOT) for the entire 20-year collection statute of limitations without having to record a Notice of State Tax Lien. Finally, this law requires the Employment Development Department and the Board of Equalization to participate in the Financial Institutions Record Match (FIRM) program.
New York City creates a lien for itself that exceeds the power of a state tax lien. The lien applies only to certain corporate taxes.
Sellers, Illinois Department of Employment Security, IDES; buyer, Seely Irrigation LLC; State Tax Lien.
We won't be surprised if the event is linked in some way with a $109,342 state tax lien filed against the couple's home earlier this year.
Sometimes, during these transactions, there may not be enough funds in escrow accounts to pay our recorded state tax lien in full.
Seller, Healthcare and Family Services; buyer, Florence Vickery; State Tax Lien; Lot 13 Blk 28 Unit D HAGC Addn Shawneetown.
Seller, Healthcare and Family Services; buyer, Juanita Booten; State Tax Lien; PT Lot 150 Orig Survey Village of Equality.
Seller, Healthcare and Family Services; buyer, Henderson Powell; State Tax Lien.

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