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Noun1.state treasurer - the treasurer for a state government
financial officer, treasurer - an officer charged with receiving and disbursing funds
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SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois State Treasurer Michael Frerichs is encouraging young photographers to submit their photos for the 2019 Cream of the Crop Photo Contest before the June 26 deadline.
The move would see the state treasurer's office set up a three-year pilot programme for cannabis businesses.
The state treasurer said she's "cautiously optimistic" that the state can avoid an increase to the gas tax this fall, a long-time concern for motorists and residents in the state given the amount they spend on gasoline.
The 2019 honorees will be Principal Chief Bill John Baker of the Cherokee Nation, the Love Family of Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc., and Ken Miller, former Oklahoma state treasurer.
The bonds are special obligations of the NJTTFA secured by payments equal to debt service from the state to the authority under a contract between the state treasurer and the authority.
Presently, Miller serves as Oklahoma's state treasurer. Prior to his public service, Miller worked in banking at First American National Bank, before joining MediFax-EDI, where he served as financial operations manager.
As state Treasurer, Yee will earn an annual salary of $70,000.
NAB claims that illegal recruitments were made for the posts of constables and computer operators which had caused a loss of over Rs500 million to the state treasurer exchequer.
In a statement, Opap cited the response of the State Treasurer to a question posed by Greens MP George Perdikis.
Tax credit agreements are negotiated by GO-Biz and approved by a statutorily created California Competes Tax Credit Committee, consisting of the State Treasurer, the Director of the Department of Finance, the Director of GO-Biz and one appointee each by the Speaker of the Assembly and Senate Committee on Rules.
Going after Iran: The GOP nominee for state treasurer in Missouri, Eric Schmitt (photo), says the state legislature should repeal tax credits for Boeing if its sells any planes to Iran.

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