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The skill entailed in leading a state or country.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the art of conducting public affairs; statesmanship
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(ˈsteɪtˌkræft, -ˌkrɑft)

the art of government and diplomacy.
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Noun1.statecraft - wisdom in the management of public affairs
wisdom, wiseness - the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight
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[ˈsteɪtkrɑːft] Narte m de gobernar
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He was not a great ruler, but an artist stifled in ceremony and lost in statecraft. Yet what Emperor could escape immortality who had Tu Fu and Li Po for contemporaries, Ch`ang-an for his capital, and T`ai Chen of a thousand songs to wife?
And on these matters I spoke at Nantes with Rouen, when Valentino, as Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander, was usually called, occupied the Romagna, and on Cardinal Rouen observing to me that the Italians did not understand war, I replied to him that the French did not understand statecraft, meaning that otherwise they would not have allowed the Church to reach such greatness.
I fancy that to the last he believed us to be emissaries of Government, darkly official persons furthering by our illegal traffic some dark scheme of high statecraft. Our denials and protestations were unavailing.
Mr Dogar argued that Islamic dispensation of justice demanded transparency and openness in all actions, especially the statecraft.
The dramas of Israel's future seemingly lie elsewhere in the realms of religion and politics, security and statecraft.
He also contributes to organizations influencing the future of cyber security, such as the World Economic Forum's Center for Cyber Security and the Atlantic Council Cyber Statecraft Initiative.
In my view, the greatest challenge to a united transatlantic approach is the growing influence of Chinese economic statecraft in Europe.
The exposure of the Integrity Initiative, a subsidiary of the Institute for Statecraft, earned the Sunday Mail a great deal of criticism around the turn of the year.
Among their topics are Confucian statecraft and the production of saltpeter and sulfur in Song Dynasty China, forensic science and the late imperial Chinese state, calendar publishing and local science in Choson Korea, measures against epidemics in late-18th-century Korea: reformation or restoration, and non-state knowledge of the heavens in early imperial China and its official appropriation.
Economic Statecraft: Human Rights, Sanctions, and Conditionality.
It is an appalling failure of statecraft that on the most important issue since the Second World War we still have no idea of our fate.
In chapter 2, Schiller further builds on the argument she mounted in the introduction that barrio media activists took advantage of the blurry lines between "state" and "society" to embrace everyday statecraft in Bolivarian Venezuela.