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The status of being a state, especially of the United States, rather than being a territory or dependency.


(ˈsteɪt hʊd)

the status or condition of being a state, esp. a state of the U.S.
[1865–70, Amer.]


[ˈsteɪthʊd] N (= independence) → independencia f; (as federal state) → categoría f de estado


nEigenstaatlichkeit f; to achieve statehoodein eigener or selbstständiger Staat werden; when was Alaska granted statehood?wann wurde Alaska zum Bundesstaat erklärt?
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The absurd and irrational statements of Milorad Dodik in which he challenges the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina and misconstrues the true status of the entity of Republika Srpska by calling it a "state", are dangerous acts of invoking unconstitutional and unlawful acts,' ZvizdiA stressed.
The memorial is being built to honour those who sacrificed their lives amid the Telangana statehood movement.
The Russian Federation is considered here by the author of the book as a social system, the source of development of which are intrinsic contradictions that form the problems of Russian statehood.
The argument for Palestinian statehood is anchored in a fundamentally moral claim for national self-determination.
For Jose Fuentes, chairman of Puerto Rico Statehood Council, a pro-statehood organization in Washington, Puerto Rico would have been in a better position to handle the blow from Hurricane Maria if it had the income and political power of a state.
Ninety-seven percent of the votes favored statehood but voter participation was just 23% after opposition parties called for a boycott of what they called a "rigged" process in part over the ballot language.
Puerto Ricans voted on Sunday for a non-binding referendum that called for the union territory to be awarded the status of statehood by the U.
TAKING A cue from Britain with regard to opting out of the European Union ( EU), the Delhi government may hold ' mohalla sabhas' in all the 70 constituencies seeking people's opinion on complete statehood for the city.
Summary: In May, the Delhi government unveiled its draft Bill proposing full statehood status to Delhi
Notions of statehood and international law, Patrick Skyes argues, must be reworked to ensure that at-risk populations do not lose their basic claim to state sovereignty and a distinct cultural identity.
New Delhi: As it completed an eventful 100 days in office, AAP government on Sunday mounted a blistering attack on Modi dispensation accusing it of making a "U-turn" on granting full statehood to Delhi and indicated tabling a resolution to reject the "unconstitutional" notification giving absolute powers to the Lt Governor.