states evidence

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state's′ ev′idence

evidence for the prosecution given by an accomplice in a crime.
turn state's evidence, to give evidence against one's accomplice or accomplices in a crime, usu. in exchange for a reduced sentence.
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Section 20 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 states evidence leading to a conviction can only be relied upon if it comes from an approved device.
He said the tragedy at the park had 'deeply affected and saddened everyone at Oakwood'.: FROM PAGE 3: Coroner states evidence did not justify verdict of gross negligence:Pembrokeshire coroner Michael Howells said yesterday that four days of evidence into Hayley Williams's death did not support a result of gross negligence.
In sum, states evidence a tendency to invoke clinical reasoning by equating non-work and poverty with psychiatric disability, even though the helpfulness of clinical services in reducing caseloads is open to debate.