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The static pressure taps were installed in perpendicular holes drilled into the side of the FPTU and the downstream duct.
Before the fan motors were retrofitted with the VFDs, the drying bins often encountered fluctuations in the static pressure. Although workers used sensors to regulate the temperature in the tunnels and firing rate of the burners, they couldn't adjust the speed of the fan motors, which control the dryers.
The development of the cracks followed the fastest energy path under dynamic pressure loading, which is different from the development of cracks along the structural surface under static pressure loading.
The author presented an idealized physical model of a dump diffuser after calculated the static pressure distribution on the upper walls of diffusers with the same dump gap distance but different combustor walls.
Under the same working conditions, the greater the difference of static pressure between the inlet and outlet of the tunnel is, the higher the pressure-rise of the air supply outlet will be.
It is incorrect for the authors to say "lifting water above the plant static pressure ..." It is also erroneous to state "...
where [P.sub.s] is the static pressure at the measurement point, [P.sub.e] is the freestream static pressure at the nozzle center measured using a pitot static tube, and [P.sub.e] is the freestream dynamic pressure at the nozzle center, given by:
The 3 different models are analyzed using CFD software to obtain the velocity vector, static pressure and turbulent kinetic energy along the manifold and the turbine housing.
Designed for highly restrictive environments found in telecom, medical and industrial applications, Orion's family of high static pressure DC fans deliver superior airflow up to 283 CFM and achieve superior maximum static pressure value up to 3.9 H2O.
Real-time performance data is provided on internal static pressure and air volume flow rates.
wc (0.25 kPa) static pressure. The supply ducts had been sealed and pressure tested during construction so evidence pointed to the control dampers as a major source of the lost air.
The static pressure at point A and B was comparable, 1.7 mmHg vs 1.7 mmHg.