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 (stăt′ĭ-sē′, stăt′ĭs)
[Latin staticē, an astringent plant, from Greek statikē, from feminine of statikos, causing to stand, astringent, from statos, standing; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) a plant name formerly held to include both Armeria (thrift) and Limonium (sea lavender). The gardener's statice comprises various species of the latter, esp those whose flowers can be dried and kept: family Plumbaginaceae. See thrift, sea lavender
[Latin: thrift, from Greek statikē, from statikos astringent (from a medicinal use of thrift)]

sea′ lav`ender

an Old World maritime plant of the genus Limonium, of the leadwort family. Also called statice.
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Noun1.statice - any of various plants of the genus Limonium of temperate salt marshes having spikes of white or mauve flowersstatice - any of various plants of the genus Limonium of temperate salt marshes having spikes of white or mauve flowers
genus Limonium, Limonium - sea lavender
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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The wrapped bouquets consist of beautiful, in season sunflowers, accented with deep purple statice, which is a popular accent flower used in many of the shop's arrangements.
The Longest Ride" inspired bouquet delivers the casual elegance of the movie setting with a Mason jar vase filled with bright orange sunflowers and spray roses, highlighted by deep purple statice and sunny solidago.
Bridesmaids were Courtney Davis, Ann-Claire Mullen, Karlie Jo Lovorn, and Tiffany Woodcock Bridesmaids wore formal amethyst gowns and carried bouquets of white hydrangeas, shades of pink and green garden roses, purple statice, and purple wax flower.
The flowers include carnations, roses, statice, lilies, hypericum and alstromeria.
BOTTOM LEFT The papery blooms of statice (Limonium) retain their color when dried.
CUT and dry everlasting flowers such as statice and bracteantha, to use them for displays in the home.
Flowers such as lavender, helichrysum and statice will be ready to cut and dry.
Cut flowers for drying such as lavender and statice ?
They displayed plants at their stalls, which included Petunia, Pensy, Mesembry, Marigold, Carinationa, Statice, Phlyx and Allysum.
Natural Christmas: Balsam, boxwood, cedar, statice, magnolia leaf, birch bark strips, and palm bell.
Some flowers you can pick at their peak and hang to dry: celosia, cockscomb, globe amaranth, strawflowers, statice, and bells of Ireland, and instead of dead heads get material for lovely dried bouquets.