stationary stochastic process

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Noun1.stationary stochastic process - a stochastic process in which the distribution of the random variables is the same for any value of the variable parameter
stochastic process - a statistical process involving a number of random variables depending on a variable parameter (which is usually time)
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They cover the basics of probability theory, the digital features of random variables, methods of describing random signals, complex stochastic processes, the linear transformation of the stationary stochastic process, the stationary narrow band stochastic process, the nonlinear transformation method of stationary random processes, and the nonstationary stochastic process and methods of analyzing it in modern signal processing.
where [F.sub.x]([omega]) is a complex stationary stochastic process with an orthogonal increment and A([omega], t) is a slowly varying modulation function.
In this direction, we assume a stationary stochastic process represents animal temperature [chi] = {X(k)}.
Let X = {X([theta]) : [theta] [member of] [0, 2[pi])} be a 2[pi] periodic stationary stochastic process on [0, 2[pi]), given by