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The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy.

stat′ist adj. & n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the theory or practice of concentrating economic and political power in the state, resulting in a weak position for the individual or community with respect to the government


(ˈsteɪ tɪz əm)

the principle or policy of concentrating extensive economic and political controls in the state.
[1915–20; translation of French étatisme]
stat′ist, n., adj.

statism, stateism

1. the principle of concentrating major political and economic controls in the state.
2. the support of the sovereignty of the state. — statist, n., adj.
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Hurston is remembered by many libertarians for being one of the few writers from her milieu to oppose statism and socialism.
Boiled down to essentials, "left" refers to advocates of statism, "right" to advocates of capitalism, and the middle area to advocates of mixed ideologies and systems.
In Statism and Anarchy (1873), Bakunin pitched his most excoriating criticisms of Marx and Marx's statism.
How did anarchist editors respond to the outpouring of nationalism during World War I, or the developing statism of the Russian Revolution?
He aims to return to the radical roots of geography, against the archaic geographies of hierarchy linked to statism, capitalism, gender domination, heteronormativity, racial oppression, speciesism, and imperialism.
After having literally created the refugee crisis from start to finish--destroying multiple Middle Eastern nations and then demanding that Europe accept the millions of displaced victims --the internationalist establishment is now exploiting the chaos it unleashed to push more globalism and statism.
Haider Saeed presented a paper entitled "Protest Movements in Post-Tyranny Iraq: The Challenge to Statism.
Likewise leaders of trade unions affiliated to semi-governmental organisations said the bill smacked of authoritarianism and statism, and threatened the independence of such entities.
Themes of 'from urgency to strategy' and 'from abstract to concrete action' lead to the identification of three strategic options: climate communitarianism, climate economism and climate statism.
The first part deals with the history of the concepts of statism and cosmopolitanism, and the question of the method employed in the book.
In the meantime, we have yet to hear one word from Pope Francis about the statism that has caused far more poverty than any system of free enterprise as we are seeing in Europe and the U.
Mercator is also still struggling with ownership issues, which symbolizes the problems that the country's companies are having as investors avoid the one-time darling of the new EU members states, but whose statism is now seen as a big part of the problem.