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Noun1.statistical distribution - (statistics) an arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence
organization, arrangement, organisation, system - an organized structure for arranging or classifying; "he changed the arrangement of the topics"; "the facts were familiar but it was in the organization of them that he was original"; "he tried to understand their system of classification"
equidistribution - a flat distribution having equal frequencies of occurrence
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
frequency distribution - a distribution of observed frequencies of occurrence of the values of a variable
Gaussian distribution, normal distribution - a theoretical distribution with finite mean and variance
Poisson distribution - a theoretical distribution that is a good approximation to the binomial distribution when the probability is small and the number of trials is large
sample distribution, sampling, sample - items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population
Bernoulli distribution, binomial distribution - a theoretical distribution of the number of successes in a finite set of independent trials with a constant probability of success
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It's not a spectrum but a bar graph of statistical distribution. The graph shows that about 96% of humans stack up in a roughly equal, bi-modal distribution of males and females.
In addition, the user must specify the distance function that will be used to compare the spectra and the statistical distribution that these distances will be fit to; it is the user's responsibility to ensure the data are suitable for the distance function they choose, e.g., if the distance function is valid only for probability mass functions, then each sample's data must be sum-normalized and everywhere nonnegative.
Climate change is a statistical distribution of weather patterns and relates to general changes of weather over a certain period of time.
Since statistical distribution functions were used to describe the grain composition of soil systems [21-23], it has been thought of as a scientific and accurate tool for getting a greater knowledge of the relation between PSD and soil structure [24].
The statistical distribution parameters in the constitutive model can be obtained by using the back analysis method.
Ranade, "A new statistical distribution for characterizing the random strength of brittle materials," Journal of Materials Science, vol.
A rough indication about the statistical distribution of walk speeds for a typical population of transit users in the urban setting was close to a normal distribution with mean of about 0.90 m/s and standard deviation of about 0.20 m/s or to a uniform distribution ranging from 0.58 to 1.24 m/s in the Appendix, the cases with waiting time integrated in walking time.
His topics include statistical distribution, general topics in hypothesis testing and power analysis when the population standard deviation is known: the case of two group means, using covariates when testing the difference in sample group means for balanced designs, multilevel models II: testing the difference in group means in two-level multi-site randomized trials, and writing about power.
This note proposes a definition of uncertainty based on the even-numbered moments of a statistical distribution.

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