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Noun1.statistical table - a table of statistical data
table, tabular array - a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"
mortality table - an actuarial table indicating life expectancy and probability of death as a function or age and sex and occupation etc
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Most statistical tables are parchingly dry in the reading; not so in the present case, however, where the reader is flooded with whole pipes, barrels, quarts, and gills of good gin and good cheer.
Summary historical data on the Bank's liabilities and assets are available in statistical table A1 - Liabilities and Assets - Summary on the Reserve Bank's web site.
The department will also sort out the customers' applications, directing them to meet the required backgrounds and referring them to relevant directorates and departments, in addition to raising a periodic report to the minister on topics related to customers, as well as, preparing a statistical table after sorting and classifying them, then analyzing the applications to acquaint with their trends and finally submitting them to the minister with proposals that should be taken in this regard.
Johnson, "Annual Statistical Table on Global Mission: 2002," International Bulletin of Missionary Research 26 (2002), 1:23.
Our purpose is to demonstrate how to use a statistical table for planning ahead to gain acceptable power and how to report the power fully in the results.
Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's largest carmaker whose models debuted in Japan late last year, showed up on the statistical table for the first time, with sales of 12 units.
The Annual Statistical Table on Global Mission, published by David Barrett and Todd Johnson in the International Bulletin of Missionary Research (January 1999), reveals an explosion of urban humanity and the world church.
It can try constantly, by providing examples from real life, to give humanity and urgency to the national problems that government should solve-to take them out of the statistical table and the seminar room.
THE drawback to a new statistical table is that there is no previous data available for comparison, but it would be surprising if Mark Currell's 197 open-race wins in the 2007 owners' championship has ever been bettered.
For this year's edition of the report, introductory notes have been added before each statistical table to provide more detailed explanations.
For the 2005 report, introductory notes have been added before each statistical table. All of the material is presented first in English, and then in French and Spanish.

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