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1. One of the small movable calcareous particles in a statocyst.
2. One of the starch grains or other solid particles in a plant cell thought to function in the plant's response to gravity.


1. (Zoology) Also called: otolith any of the granules of calcium carbonate occurring in a statocyst: movement of statoliths, caused by a change in position of the animal, stimulates hair cells, which convey the information to the brain by nerve fibres
2. (Botany) any of various movable inclusions, such as starch grains, that occur in plant cells and are thought to function in geotropic responses
ˌstatoˈlithic adj


(ˈstæt l ɪθ)

any of the granules of lime, sand, etc., contained within a statocyst.
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Age estimation was initially evaluated by interpreting growth increments (annular rings) of both the operculum (the corneous plate that closes the opening of the shell when animal is retracted) and the statolith (calcium carbonate structures within gastropod sense organs used for equilibrium).
Tentacular plane slices focused above the statolith and close to the coverslip show a pair of bristle groups side by side, apparently over two groups of lamellate bodies seen end on (Fig.
Removing a whole beak from the buccal mass is much easier than extracting a statolith from the statocyst.
We can distinguish between the statolith model and the gravitational pressure model by changing the density of the extracellular medium surrounding statolith-containing cells.
Applications and future potential on statolith increments analysis in squids and sepioids.
Lobsters, he knew, had an organ called the statolith with tiny sensitive hairs on its surface.
But my colleagues and I wanted to see if we could infer the giant squid's habitat depth by studying its statolith (STAH-toh-lith).
The Statolith theory has been used to describe how plants perceive gravity.
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