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1. Of or relating to a statute.
2. Enacted, regulated, or authorized by statute.

stat′u·to′ri·ly adv.
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Adv.1.statutorily - according to statute; "placed statutorily under the council's supervision"


adv (= legally)gesetzlich; broadcasting needs to be regulated statutorilyRundfunk und Fernsehen müssen gesetzlich geregelt werden; refugee families are statutorily homelessFlüchtlingsfamilien sind rechtlich gesehen heimatlos
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Ensure that all public junior college districts are in compliance with statutorily required school safety audits and multi-hazard emergency operations plans.
In their filing with the 5th Court of Appeals on Tuesday morning, Paxton's lawyers argued that once Gallagher changed the venue, "he was statutorily prohibited from entering further orders or continuing to preside over the case without the statutorily required written consent of" Paxton and his team.
It revealed that 84 people were ocially identi-ed as being statutorily homeless and in priority need of housing in the region in the quarter ending December 2014, up from 67 at the same time in 2013.
We have learned that officials from the Department of Energy and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency have discussed the possibility of conducting activities at or near the Yucca Mountain site that are not related to the statutorily required uses for the site and adjacent lands," Upton said in the letter that was also signed by subcommittee chairmen Reps.
Close-out netting is not currently statutorily underpinned in the UAE, as a result there is some uncertainty as to the enforceability of derivative transactions where a counterparty located in the UAE is under insolvency.
Barnardo's is calling for the Ministry of Justice to appoint a lead Minister to have responsibility for children of prisoners, ensuring children are identified from the point of sentencing or remand, with courts in England and Wales statutorily obliged to ask about the children of people sent to prison and ensuring that adequate child care arrangements are in place.
Summary: Government puts further pressure on statutorily independent central bank to lower interest rates quickly to ensure it does not stall.
Although the FTB is no longer statutorily required to follow this statute, it will apply the same factors and considerations contained in the former subsection in considering requests for relief where the IRS has granted relief.
The court heard Charlton had failed to install proper ventilation equipment, give his employees adequate protective clothing or report the case of silicosis, which he was statutorily obliged to do.
The paramount concern of everyone in the insolvency community should be to maintain and enhance the integrity of the statutorily authorized state-based guaranty fund safety net.
In contrast, Ps here have received their statutorily granted tenure rights after a certain requisite number of years of service.