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1. Of or relating to a statute.
2. Enacted, regulated, or authorized by statute.

stat′u·to′ri·ly adv.
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Adv.1.statutorily - according to statute; "placed statutorily under the council's supervision"


adv (= legally)gesetzlich; broadcasting needs to be regulated statutorilyRundfunk und Fernsehen müssen gesetzlich geregelt werden; refugee families are statutorily homelessFlüchtlingsfamilien sind rechtlich gesehen heimatlos
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Sugar mills are statutorily required to fill in the on line P-II Proforma which captures the data of their sugar production and dispatches etc.
Gboyega Akosile, stated that the appointment of Alogba was consequent upon the need to prevent a vacuum in the State Judiciary, given the imminent retirement of the incumbent, Honourable Justice Opeyemi Oke, who is set to disengage statutorily from the State Judiciary from today Monday, 10th June 2019.
Justice Minister Edward Argar said: "A Police and Crime Commissioner by-election will be run by a statutorily independent Returning Officer and will be funded out of the Consolidated Fund."
EEO staff will instead rely on publicly available information in its statutorily required mid-term reviews of broadcasters' equal employment opportunity practices.
They allegedly did not receive any correspondence 'prior to' that letter affording them the statutorily required 150-day right to cure the default.
"ASDB - a body independent of the Bar Council, which is statutorily established and tasked to investigate professional misconduct will adjudicate the matter and mete out appropriate disciplinary punishment.
A spokesperson for the charity said: "We are opposed to the development as this lies within a statutorily protected nature conservation site which contains irreplaceable ancient woodland and is home to a number of legally protected species.
The 'AA-' rating reflects the credit strength of the Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT; AA-/Stable) statutorily authorized obligations under the design build finance (DBF) contract.
But that is unlikely to be a fully accurate picture as it is known that there are thousands of 'hidden homeless', those who may be sofa surfing or staying at what is described as 'insecure' accommodation', as well as those who are considered statutorily homeless, meaning they cannot continue to live where they are due to legal or safety reasons.
An arbitrator could not order the reinstatement of a community college campus police officer who neither completed the statutorily required police academy training nor received a waiver from having to do so, the Rhode Island Supreme Court has decided.<br />The officer's union argued that the requirement that he complete the academy or receive a waiver therefrom did not excuse the college from its duty under a collective bargaining agreement to give him the pre-termination due process to which he was entitled.<br />"Our de novo review of the issue of arbitrability in this case leads us to declare that the arbitrator exceeded his powers by arbitrating a dispute that was nonarbitrable from the start," Justice Francis X.
Of those just over 16 per cent were existing council tenants, 77.6 were waiting list applicants and 6.2 per cent were recognised as being statutorily homeless.
They further challenge the Board's composition as biased and statutorily insufficient.