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staunch 1

 (stônch, stänch) also stanch (stônch, stänch, stănch)
adj. staunch·er, staunch·est also stanch·er or stanch·est
1. Firm and steadfast; loyal or true. See Synonyms at faithful.
2. Having a strong or substantial construction or constitution: "the staunch turrets of the fortified city walls" (Robert Rosenberg).

[Middle English staunche, from Anglo-Norman estaunche, from estaunchier, to stanch, variant of Old French estanchier; see stanch1.]

staunch′ly adv.
staunch′ness n.
Usage Note: Staunch is more common than stanch as the spelling of the adjective. Stanch is more common than staunch as the spelling of the verb.

staunch 2

 (stônch, stänch)
Variant of stanch1.
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Adv.1.staunchly - in a staunch manner; "he staunchly defended his principles"
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بإخْلاص، بِوفاء
af hollustu, dyggilega
güvenilir şekilde


[ˈstɔːntʃlɪ] ADVlealmente, firmemente
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advtreu, standhaft; opposeentschieden; defendstandhaft; Catholicstreng
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[ˈstɔːntʃlɪ] adv (defend, support) → fedelmente; (deny, refuse) → recisamente
they moved to a staunchly Republican area → si trasferirono in una zona ultrarepubblicana
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(stoːntʃ) adjective
firm, trusty. a staunch friend.
ˈstaunchly adverb
ˈstaunchness noun
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References in classic literature ?
I refused staunchly. At length her suspense was ended: the travelling carriage rolled in sight.
But Anne felt that if anyone possessed of the gift could take that simple record of a brave, adventurous life, reading between the bald lines the tales of dangers staunchly faced and duty manfully done, a wonderful story might be made from it.
'Nay, ma'am,' said Stephen Blackpool, staunchly protesting against the words that had been used, and instinctively addressing himself to Louisa, after glancing at her face.
She was much frightened, but she set her face resolutely toward the north, and though she paused often to listen, breathlessly, for the huge cats which, here, were her greatest terror, she nevertheless continued her way staunchly for several hours, until a low moan a little to her right and behind her brought her to a sudden stop.
With this satisfactory decision the council ended after the ratification of a Loyal League, by which the friends pledged themselves to stand staunchly by one another, through the trials of the coming year.
The Story Girl still stood up staunchly and counselled struggling on, but she was numb with cold and her words were hardly distinguishable.
He was simply and staunchly true to his duty alike in the large case and in the small.
She declines to enter on the question, mooted by the maid, how the spot comes to be there, and not in her room (which is nearer to Sir Leicester's), but staunchly declares that on the spot she will remain.
EBM has remained a founding partner of the School of Leadership for the YLC since 2002 and has been staunchly supporting its endeavours each year.
When a split Right allowed the Left to form a coalition, Segev was in a staunchly right wing party.
In his response, the Sri Lankan foreign minister said that his country staunchly supported peace in the region and Sri Lanka reiterated that maintaining stability in South Asia should be a priority for all countries.
The statement quoted the chairman saying that he staunchly believes in putting an end to corruption and they are striving for a corruption-free Pakistan.