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Verb1.stay away - stay clear of, avoid; "Keep your hands off my wife!"; "Keep your distance from this man--he is dangerous"
be - occupy a certain position or area; be somewhere; "Where is my umbrella?" "The toolshed is in the back"; "What is behind this behavior?"
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w>stay away

vi (→ von) → wegbleiben; (from person) → sich fernhalten; to stay away from a girlvon einem Mädchen die Finger lassen; he can’t stay away from the pub (esp Brit) → ihn zieht es immer wieder in die Kneipe (inf)
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She was bidden to stay away from Alice Robinson's birthday party, and doomed to wear her dress, stained and streaked as it was, until it was worn out.
Her eyes said: "You see why Mamma brought me," and his answered: "I would not for the world have had you stay away."
Yes, Sydney, I have had enough of this style of life, with no other as a change from it; I feel that it is a pleasant thing for a man to have a home when he feels inclined to go to it (when he doesn't, he can stay away), and I feel that Miss Manette will tell well in any station, and will always do me credit.
Poyser considered that on the whole it would be as well for him to stay away too and "keep her company." He could perhaps have given no precise form to the reasons that determined this conclusion, but it is well known to all experienced minds that our firmest convictions are often dependent on subtle impressions for which words are quite too coarse a medium.
"I must have some good, quiet soul that will let me just do what I like and go where I like, keep at home or stay away, without a word of reproach or complaint; for I can't do with being bothered." "Well," said I, "I know somebody that will suit you to a tee, if you don't care for money, and that's Hargrave's sister, Milicent." He desired to be introduced to her forthwith, for he said he had plenty of the needful himself, or should have when his old governor chose to quit the stage.
"I meant that I was going to stay away forever," said Newman kindly.
"What made you stay away so long?" she asked presently, finding it so pleasant to ask confidential questions and get delightful answers that she could not keep silent.
They had come first, they said, out of idle curiosity, because everybody talked about it; they had come since because they could not help it, and they should keep on coming, while they lived, for the same reason; they had tried to break their chains and stay away, but it was futile; now, they had no desire to break them.
It was what I remotely dreaded when I was first impelled to stay away from England.
Summary: A senior Iranian official said Lebanon needed to stay away from crises in the region, during a meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri Wednesday.
Now Aaron decides that he should tell Billy what happened, leading Billy to call Max and tell him to stay away from his family.
Never take the risk of crossing the valleys, stay away from volatile things, stay away from ponds and water pools, keep away from the electrical circuits and their complexes, take cover in case of cold fall and watching our beloved children especially after the rains stop I hope this is taken into account." Al Khaddouri also said that parents with children needed to keep an eye on them, to ensure that they were kept safe during this spell of poor weather.