stay behind

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stay behind

Agent or agent organization established in a given country to be activated in the event of hostile overrun or other circumstances under which normal access would be denied.
يَتَخَلَّف عَن
blive tilbage
ott marad
vera eftir
gitmeyip kalmak

w>stay behind

vizurückbleiben; (Sch, as punishment) → nachsitzen; I stayed behind after the partyich blieb nach der Party noch da


(stei) verb
1. to remain (in a place) for a time, eg while travelling, or as a guest etc. We stayed three nights at that hotel / with a friend / in Paris; Aunt Mary is coming to stay (for a fortnight); Would you like to stay for supper?; Stay and watch that television programme.
2. to remain (in a particular position, place, state or condition). The doctor told her to stay in bed; He never stays long in any job; Stay away from the office till your cold is better; Why won't these socks stay up?; Stay where you are – don't move!; In 1900, people didn't realize that motor cars were here to stay.
a period of staying (in a place etc). We had an overnight stay / a two days' stay in London.
stay behind
to remain in a place after others have left it. They all left the office at five o'clock, but he stayed behind to finish some work.
stay in
to remain in one's house etc and not go out of doors. I'm staying in tonight to watch television.
stay out
to remain out of doors and not return to one's house etc. The children mustn't stay out after 9 p.m.
stay put
to remain where placed. Once a child can crawl, he won't stay put for long.
stay up
not to go to bed. The children wanted to stay up and watch television.
References in classic literature ?
This time they made Scraps stay behind, for fear she would slip again; but they all managed to get up in safety and the Munchkin boy was very happy when he stood in the Horner city and realized that the water from the dark well, which he and his friends had traveled so far to secure, was safe in his jacket pocket.
Woodhouse having, as usual, tried to persuade his daughter to stay behind with all her children, was obliged to see the whole party set off, and return to his lamentations over the destiny of poor Isabella;which poor Isabella, passing her life with those she doated on, full of their merits, blind to their faults, and always innocently busy, might have been a model of right feminine happiness.
By this assistance, after many interviews with the bassa's agents, we agreed to pay four thousand three hundred crowns, which were accepted on condition that they should be paid down, and we should go on board within two hours: but, changing his resolution on a sudden, he sent us word by his treasurer that two of the most considerable among us should stay behind for security, while the rest went to procure the money they promised.
Jones, who was as much pleased with Partridge as Partridge could be with him, and who had not consulted his own inclination but the good of the other in desiring him to stay behind, when he found his friend so resolute, at last gave his consent; but then recollecting himself, he said, "Perhaps, Mr Partridge, you think I shall be able to support you, but I really am not;" and then taking out his purse, he told out nine guineas, which he declared were his whole fortune.
replied Kennedy, anxious about his fire-arms, "unless one of us makes up his mind to sacrifice himself for the rest,--that is, to stay behind, and, in my turn, I claim that honor.
City were in a Champions League semi-final on Wednesday and fans don't feel the need to stay behind and applaud the team.
With fears about concussion, City's medical staff made him stay behind in Melbourne - so he and Delph are expected to travel back to the UK together.
Stay behind anyway until you can give the cyclist a wide enough margin to overtake.
Those free-kicks he produced against Lyon on Thursday - I've seen how he does it when we stay behind after training with Wales.
Third, after Hurricane Katrina, many of those who 'chose' to stay behind were told it was their fault.
Summary: FUJAIRAH -- A man who shot and seriously hurt a painter for disturbing him and his two companions, was convicted of murder attempt, and ordered to stay behind bars for three years.
He told the Chronicle: "The fans have got stay behind us.