stay off

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Verb1.stay off - refrain from entering or walking onto; "keep off the grass"; "stay off the premises"
avoid - stay clear from; keep away from; keep out of the way of someone or something; "Her former friends now avoid her"

w>stay off

(from work etc) → zu Hause bleiben
vi +prep obj
(= not go on)nicht betreten
to stay off work/schoolnicht zur Arbeit/Schule gehen; to stay off the bottle (inf)die Flasche nicht anrühren (inf)
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The Sky Blues issued a statement appealing for fans to stay off the field of play in the future.
I WRITE in response to Jade Wright's column in Saturday's ECHO about cycling on the pavement (Why cyclists need to grow up and stay off the pavements .
And try to stay off social media or Twitter - watch wrestling or whatever you want to watch but don't watch football.
Graeme Mellor, of Stockton Council, set the youngsters the task of designing a poster with the message to keep safe and stay off building sites.
Kuwait Dive Team warns sea goers, ships to stay off Kuwait Bay ***
Good on you for trying and succeeding to stay off drugs.
ROAD safety charity Brake and Direct Line Insurance are calling on drivers to stay off the booze when getting behind the wheel.
A prior ban for afternoon freight truck traffic during the summer will be extended, and trucks will have to stay off the roads 4-10 pm, May 20 through September 30.
SEX-HUNGRY women should stay off the Pill when choosing a partner, according to a study.
It happened after an EgyptAir pilot apparently ignored airport instructions to stay off the taxiway and veered into the path of an Airbus.
military analysts were able to see through bin Laden's anonymous, unplugged existence was a single cell phone call from his courier-who reportedly turned off his phone and removed the battery after hanging up just to stay off grid.
NUMEROUS rescues have prompted further warning to ice skaters to stay off frozen ponds.