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1. The place, position, or function properly or customarily occupied by another.
2. Advantage; service; purpose: "His personal relationship with the electorate stands in good stead" (John Sears).
tr.v. stead·ed, stead·ing, steads
To be of advantage or service to; benefit.

[Middle English stede, from Old English; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Agriculture) a farmstead
2. (Agriculture) the outbuildings of a farm
[C15: from stead + -ing1]


(ˈstɛd ɪŋ)

n. Chiefly Scot.
a farm, esp. its buildings.
[1425–75; late Middle English (north and Scots); see stead, -ing1]
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The red and white herd nearest at hand, which had been phlegmatically waiting for the call, now trooped towards the steading in the background, their great bags of milk swinging under them as they walked.
It seemed a house door stood open and let out a beam of fire and candle-light; and all round the house and steading five or six persons were moving hurriedly about, each carrying a lighted brand.
Where are the steadings, and orchards, and vineyards, which made France fair?
Sheep-folds, stables, byres, dairies, and barns were rebuilt after the pattern of the roomy, well-ventilated, and consequently healthy steadings that M.
The main steading, comprising a house and outbuildings, is in good condition and in need of preservation.
CALLANDER Tree works in a conservation area - removal of sycamore and fir trees, The Steading, Castle Grove for Gregor Gibson, The Steading, Castle Grove.
Gregg, of Homefarm Steading, in Gosforth, Newcastle, was sentenced in Newcastle after being found guilty by a jury at Leeds Crown Court, and the former head teacher will be 82 by the time he can apply to be released on licence.
Collingwood Cottage, Carterside Farm Steading, Rothbury, is for sale through Sanderson Young for PS250,000, tel: 01665 600 170 for details.
What's the deal: This steading conversion is part of a luxury development that showcases natural stonework and wooden finishes.
MacAoidh Armstrong, "Kie" to his friends, purchases The Ring Steading in Auchencairn as a solitary retreat, but violent and inexplicable events force him to hire a private investigator and lawyer, none other than former Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Prendergast and Libby herself.
Tim Main of property Agents Balfours said: "The barn is pleasantly situated among a small range of barn developments within the Holt Preen Manor Barn steading.