steady down

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Verb1.steady down - become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style; "He finally settled down"
stabilise, stabilize - become stable or more stable; "The economy stabilized"
roost - settle down or stay, as if on a roost
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"If he only wanted to steady down, I'd give him a job drivin' the wagon," her husband said, but with no trace of benevolence in his voice.
God knows when Carroll will be match sharp enough to affect United's future, whereas Joelinton is the club's record signing at PS40m and his impact needs to be immediate to quell Only settle crowd, gestures, or a shoal any fears of inevitable relegation and steady down a ship that has been listing in heavy waters.
But Dickel said pointing to those instances would only take the credit away from a Beermen side that fought hard and held steady down the stretch.
According to the governor's aide, farmers in that eastern Davao Province are losing immensely due to the steady down trend in the per kilo buying price of the important agricultural product the area is known for.
Much of the credit should be given to the 7-foot-1 Sotto, who tallied game-highs of 28 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks while proving steady down the stretch by hitting four crucial free throws to give the Nationals a 70-66 advantage with eight seconds to play.
It never quite makes it over our front step, but it flows fast and steady down the street all that morning, swirling and lustrous black.
He added: "I feel I have got more cause to be aggrieved than most City fans because the first couple of years supporting them the football was brilliant, winning the FA Cup and in 1988 we were right up there in the league and it's been a long and steady down hill road ever since, so maybe I'm the jinx."