steam line

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Noun1.steam line - a pipe conducting steamsteam line - a pipe conducting steam    
pipage, pipe, piping - a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc.
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Jabir has expected that more political parties and movements will steam line their situations prior to participate in the coming elections .
The turbine control system and steam dump system were not successful to stabilize the power and main steam line pressure.
Then she moves on to Paignton, the stunning steam line to Kingswear.
The Aln Valley Railway, which is reinstating a steam line between Alnmouth and Alnwick, is staging the event at the town's Lionheart station on Saturday, August 15 and Sunday, August 16 between 10.30am and 4pm.
The tender is for theA supply and installation of a new steam line as well asA fittings andA steam line replacement work.A The duration of the contract is eight months,A according to the contractA notice with document number 419791-20144 published in the EU's Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) today.A
AFG was awarded for the impact and unique value achieved as a result of the firm's construction management on the $13.6M Underground Steam Line & Condensate Replacement Project.
For example, Samson says its type 3347 control valve has polished steel parts to ensure the highest purity for the process medium, special PTFE bushing along with an additional steam line connection that is used to meet very stringent purity requirements preventing bacteria from spreading at the actuator stem guide.
For the historic steam line is hosting a 70s weekend and is turning the clock back to the days of flares, platform shoes and glam rock.
Construction of the new steam line and associated energy infrastructure will begin later this month and become operational next spring.
A MUCH loved Midland steam line is spending pounds 250,000 on a major winter works programme, which began yesterday.
It was a tell-tale symptom of a much larger issue involving the main steam line pipe hangers.
But that has no impact on the Steam Line Trail and Park, which is along the south side of the Nashua River, the same side as the plant and smaller tank.