steam off

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w>steam off

vt sep stamp, labelüber Dampf ablösen; excess flabsich (dat)abschwitzen
viabfahren; (train also)losdampfen
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And when you get home for a quiet fortnight, you turn the steam off, and lie on your backs in the paternal garden, surrounded by the last batch of books from Mudie's library, and half bored to death.
Rush Limbaugh, self-described "epitome of morality and virtue," dismissed these crimes as the antics of hard-pressed troops "having a good time" and seeking "to blow some steam off," without realizing what this would intimate about the character of our military at large.
Mystery and ruins rise like steam off the jungle at Chichen Itza, one of the most picturesque and historically significant archaeological sites in Mexico.
You get a good deal of steam off if the support rate gets down to the 40% level,'' he said.
While Con Ed will leave the summer rate for steam unchanged, for new air-conditioning users or to retain existing air conditioning use, the company is proposing a $2 discount per thousand pounds of steam off the step rate.
Think twice before you chuck your empty baked-bean can in the rubbish - you can steam off the labels to create an Andy Warhotyle collage on cupboard, doors and drawers.
New Zealand might have scored again when Walter Little hauled in a Robert Howley pass to steam off down the middle.
If he can't trust himself to work hard on the training field and then every now and again let some steam off down the Quayside, then perhaps he is better off not coming to the North East.
Not long after her death, Tory councillor Dominic Peacock wrote on Facebook that he'd "just donated the steam off my p***" to the Jo Cox appeal.
A TORY councillor was hit with a furious backlash yesterday after he said he had "just donated the steam off my piss" in memory of Jo Cox.
Drain thoroughly, then tip them back into the saucepan and leave them over a low heat for a few minutes, just to help steam off any excess liquid.
If you have a birthday, presentation or just fancy letting some steam off after the exams 'Having a Bubble' is the place to go.