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Verb1.steam-heat - heat by means of steam
heat - provide with heat; "heat the house"
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The tank, which had not been used for several years, featured a steam-heated jacket that made it suitable for the hot fill process, but had no controls or electrical supply.
Climb aboard a steam-heated carriage at Clayton West station and travel all the way to the North Pole (Shelley Station) to meet Santa and his elves.
Down in the basement, were the banana rooms where bunches of green bananas were stored on hooks and ripened in the steam-heated rooms.
"Water & Energy Use in Steam-Heated Buildings" by Ian Shapiro, P.E., in May raised an important question with respect to steam boilers: Why such high water use?
Steam-heated and pasteurized pears were dominated by a more red hue, with values of 27 and 37, respectively.
The KSV series steam-heated, vaporizing, pressure-reducing regulator has low internal volume and vaporizes liquid samples or preheats gas samples.
Designed for maximum thermal efficiency, the heater is removable and simplifies cleaning A choice of 40-,50-, 100-, 150-, and 200-watt heaters is available KSV Series steam-heated, vaporizing, pressure-reducing regulators feature low internal volume and vaporize liquid samples or preheat gas samples.
The standard steam-heated model is equipped with manifolds and valves.
In steam-heated buildings, the fuel computer monitors condensate return lines 24 hours a day to detect leaks, thereby making it possible to correct them promptly before too much water is lost.
But I'd trade that feeling in an instant for the longing I feel from here: a constant yearning for those magnificent man-made canyons, where the streets are steam-heated by Con Edison and the subways never sleep.
They are cut into slabs of uniform thickness, cooked, mashed and dehydrated in a six-foot steam-heated drum.