steel drum

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steel drum

A metal percussion instrument of Trinidadian origin, fashioned from an oil barrel and having a concave array of flattened areas that produce different tones when struck.

steel drummer n.

steel′ drum′

a bowl-shaped percussion instrument common in the West Indies, made from a steel barrel divided into sections producing different notes when struck.
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Noun1.steel drum - a concave percussion instrument made from the metal top of an oil drumsteel drum - a concave percussion instrument made from the metal top of an oil drum; has an array of flattened areas that produce different tones when struck (of Caribbean origin)
percussion instrument, percussive instrument - a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by one object striking another
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Once used to signal a war between rival gangs on 19th century Trinidad, the steel drum has been transformed into an instrument of peace in the 20th century.
(Taylor's second exploration of the Kent State tragedy) was a collaborative effort among members of Dance Alloy, the Kent State Dance Ensemble, the Kent State Steel Drum Band, professional musicians, community members and students.
Steel drum sales will increase at a slow pace yet remain a mainstay due to strength and fire resistance and the presence of a strong national network of steel drum reconditioners.
Mr Searle had won much praise in the City since his appointment four years ago for bringing the troubled group back into the black and focusing it on speciality chemicals, selling off its steel drum packaging business.
The European Commission has received notification under EU Merger Regulation procedures of plans by investment and management advisory specialist CVC Capital Partners to buy a joint controlling stake in Drum Holdings SA, a steel drum manufacturer and reconditioning specialist currently under the control of investment firm NatWest Equity Partners (part of the NatWest banking group).
The object of responsible drum management, according to CISA'S guidelines, is to provide an empty steel drum with market value for the steel drum reconditioner.
The Steel Drum Recycling Program, designed to address the environmental, economic and quality issues of using the 55-gallon drums that contain Dow's silicone-based and other specialty chemical products, is co-sponsored by Van Leer Containers, Chicago, IL.
Users can also place a 55 gallon steel drum horizontally on top of the drum stand, drain rack or drum rotator.
WIZ-Kid[R] units are lightweight, portable and user-friendly deheaders that open up a steel drum in less than 2 minutes.
Charles was given a steel drum as a gift shortly after arriving on Trinidad for the start of his 10-day Caribbean tour.
recently acquired the assets of Steel Drum Industries, LLC located in Tampa, Florida.