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The anadromous form of the rainbow trout, having silvery sides usually with a light red band.


n, pl -heads or -head
(Animals) a silvery North Pacific variety of the rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri)



n., pl. -heads, (esp. collectively) -head.
a silvery rainbow trout that migrates to the sea before returning to fresh water to spawn.
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"Nope, it ain't the valley of the moon," agreed Billy, and he said it on the evening of the day he hooked a monster steelhead, standing to his neck in the ice-cold water of the Rogue and fighting for forty minutes, with screaming reel, ere he drew his finny prize to the bank and with the scalp-yell of a Comanche jumped and clutched it by the gills.
Steelhead trout, an iconic British Columbia fish, have been in significant decline during recent years.
Surveys find that most steelhead anglers are conservation-minded, releasing most of the fish they catch.
Authorities in the western US state of Oregon have euthanized four sea lions in the last month as part of a program to protect salmon runs and steelhead trout that are at risk of going extinct.
Results of studies have indicated that the initial months after entry into saltwater are important to the survival of steelhead and that this time period affects year-class strength (Pearcy, 1992; Hare and Francis, 1995).
Fishing outfitters, business owners and community members from two Idaho towns have come together to insert themselves into negotiations or maneuverings that could stop the pending closure of the state's steelhead fishing season or lead to an earlier reopening.
Global Banking News-September 4, 2017--People's Bank to purchase Steelhead Finance
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 28, 2017-People's Bank to acquire Steelhead Finance
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 28, 2017-People's Bank to acquire Steelhead Finance
Oregon, US-based People's Bank of Commerce (OTCBB: PBCO) has acquired Oregon-based financial factoring company Steelhead Finance to include revenue from commercial and consumer lending activities, the company said.
Sea lions feasting on native Willamette River steelhead are pushing the river's winter run of the seagoing fish toward extinction, the state warned Monday in a new report.
For years, from May to November, Lee Spencer has stood guard over the population of wild steelhead salmon in the same northwestern waters, helping protect the fish from the poaching and dynamite fishing that had threatened their numbers for at least half a century.