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adj. steel·i·er, steel·i·est
1. Made of steel.
2. Resembling steel, as in color or hardness: steely gray.
3. Expressing disapproval, disagreement, or displeasure: a steely gaze.

steel′i·ness n.
harka, ósveigjanleiki
çelik gibi olma


(stiːl) noun, adjective
(of) a very hard alloy of iron and carbon, used for making tools etc. tools of the finest steel; steel knives/chisels; He had a grip of steel (= a very strong grip).
to harden and strengthen (oneself, one's nerves etc) in preparation for doing, or resisting, something. He steeled himself to meet the attack / to tell his wife the truth.
ˈsteely adjective
hard, cold, strong or bright like steel.
ˈsteeliness noun
steel wool
a pad, ball etc of steel shavings used for scouring (pans etc) and polishing.
ˈsteelworks noun singular or plural
a factory where steel is made.
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St Johnstone are a great example of that steeliness. Having been written off before and proved their doubters wrong, they responded to early-season doom and gloom by turning in a far more convincing performance in the capital and proving that, even when they are down, they are rarely counted out.
"The football we're playing is exceptional but there's a steeliness about us too.
"The steeliness and togetherness they showed would have epitomised Justin," said Embleton, the interim head coach.
The 52-year-old, from Willenhall, said: "There's a steeliness in the Black Country, we've felt sorry for ourselves and now its business as usual and then some.
The judgement of players, the type of player that's been bought has been more technical, and the, toughness, steeliness doesn't seem to be there."
The Wishaw Wizard showed his steeliness at the Crucible yesterday by winning a 56-minute fifth frame only for Robertson to go 4-2 up.
"There is a steeliness, a resilience, about them, and we've seen it time after time and they showed it again today."
It shows it's about inner belief and steeliness not just about wickets and runs," Joe Root said.
"There is a steeliness behind that chilled-out persona he gives out and he is making the right decisions on a consistent basis and has got these boys all in now to what he is putting down."
He developed a mindset, a confidence and a steeliness that has taken him to a different level."
Mourinho is targeting winning knowhow and a steeliness his side simply didn't show enough of.
Watching him switch from smiley bonhomie to deadeyed steeliness, quietly unplugging the family phone and pulling a kitchen knife from his bag, was chilling.