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1. Something made of steel.
2. steelworks(used with a sing. verb) A plant where steel is made; a foundry.

steel′work′er n.


(Metallurgy) a frame, foundation, or building, or article made of steel: the steelwork of a skyscraper.
ˈsteelˌworking n
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The end of it was that the young lady sent them a basket of things to eat, and left a letter that Jurgis was to take to a gentleman who was superintendent in one of the mills of the great steelworks in South Chicago.
There was no chance for a woman at the steelworks, and Marija was now ready for work again, and lured on from day to day by the hope of finding it at the yards.
The panel looked at the proposed programme which includes: | Full grit blasting and repainting of the bridge steelwork | Steelwork and cast iron repairs/replacement as required | Lighting repairs/replacement as required | Concrete and drainage repairs within the towers | Resurfacing | Road drainage and joint repairs/replacement | Security improvements | Door and window repair/replacement.
Tenders are invited for qetc171001 - chesterfield canal restoration scheme, staveley lock & hartington weir steelwork
Over the last year the steelwork specialist has added a fabrication arm to its services, which has seen growth of 500% helped by securing high-profile projects such as the Heathrow Airport bridge trusses, electrification of the Great Western mainline and major stadium extensions and enhancements.
Chapters cover limit-state design, materials, beams, plate girders, tension members, compression members, trusses and bracing, portal frames, connections, workshop steelwork design example, and steelwork detailing.
S fabrication and information management system from AceCad Software to manage their steelwork fabrication projects.
But as steelwork on the shop began in Prestatyn this week, other major names including New Look, River Island, Next, Boots and Poundland were tipped for the site.
Mackay Steelwork, of Inverness, admitted breaching the same act and were fined pounds 40,000.
The closures, between Junctions 25 and 26, were due to take place to lift the main bridge steelwork and beams into place for the new Whitechapel Road Bridge.
At Jumeira Beach, Vermiculux protects steelwork, giving up to 240 minutes of protection, while Supalux fire-protection boards line lift shafts at the 321 m-high Burj Al Arab, which is designed to resemble a billowing sail
He must have slipped on the scaffolding and then it all came down on him," said Mr Varley, "I saw him falling and he landed with the steelwork on his chest.