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1. Something made of steel.
2. steelworks(used with a sing. verb) A plant where steel is made; a foundry.

steel′work′er n.


(ˈstilˌwɜr kər)

a person who works in a plant that manufactures steel and steel products.
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Noun1.steelworker - a worker engaged in making steelsteelworker - a worker engaged in making steel  
maker, shaper - a person who makes things


[ˈstiːlˌwɜːkəʳ] Ntrabajador(a) m/f siderúrgico/a


steel worker [ˈstiːlwɜːrr] nouvrier/ière m/f sidérurgiste


[ˈstiːlˌwɜːkəʳ] noperaio/a di acciaieria
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As a former steelworker I was saddened to read of the continued lack of faith British steel by the Government.
"We have to bring order to the city,'' Alexei Gorlov, a steelworker, said of his motivation for joining one of the unpaid and voluntary patrols that were organized at the Ilych Steel Works.
Larry [Sefton, a top Steelworker official] made it clear where the Steelworkers stood and that there would be no change in that position: Incidentally, Waffle co-founder Mel Watkins has recounted that it was the Waffle's support of the Canadianization of unions that probably sealed its fate.
Smith (both sociologists) and Warren Smith (retired steelworker and former local union president) examine the last forty years at the Stelco (now U.S.
But former steelworker Paul Jackson and two of his British Steel colleagues, Alan Swinburne and Ken Jose, set up Metallurgical Inspection Services, on an industrial estate in the shadow of the iron works.
Steelworker Derek Carpenter, 59, said: "It's an incredibly sad day - it's terrible that the plant has fallen silent after all this time."
It is going to be devastating for any steelworker, or, not necessarily the steelworker, but any blue-collar worker--middle-class America.
A steelworker, Homesteaders attested, could take it.
Steelworker Alley, an ethnographic study of steelworkers in and around Youngstown, Ohio, tests the common assumption that industrial workers after World War II became middleclass, as defined by income, lifestyle, and thinking.
He quotes one steelworker explaining the decline in morale: "In the 1950s, it was a pleasant place to work.
ArcelorMittal launched its "Steelworker for the Future" pilot program in 2008 with Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana and Prairie State College in Illinois.
David Brody thinks a conservative steelworker rank and file may have acquiesced to the collaborative industrial relations Murray sought with the companies.