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1. Sports
a. A horserace across open country or over an obstacle course.
b. A footrace of usually 3,000 meters over a closed track with four hurdles and a water obstacle.
2. A course of action containing many obstacles.

[From the use of church steeples as landmarks.]

stee′ple·chas′er n.


1. (Horse Racing) a horse or an athlete that takes part in steeplechases
2. (Athletics (Track & Field)) a horse or an athlete that takes part in steeplechases
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Noun1.steeplechaser - a horse trained to run in steeplechases
Equus caballus, horse - solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
racer - an animal that races
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It's taken a near-miracle for the Scots steeplechaser to line up at this weekend's trials in Birmingham in the wake of a torn muscle in her foot suffered before last year's Olympics.
It really feels good to be back, said Posadas, who molded decathletes Jesson Ramil Cid and Fidel Gallenero, steeplechaser Christopher Ulboc and Mercedita Manipol into SEA Games gold medalists.
UP AND OVER Steeplechaser Rolanda catches her feet on a hurdle and goes flying head first into the water jump
He then adopted the "wheresjack" hashtag used by fellow athlete Michael Rimmer and retweeted a post from steeplechaser Eilish McColgan in which she wrote: "It is unfair for athletes not supported by UKA to have to wear it.
Lennie Waite has hit out at British Athletics beaks after the steeplechaser failed to reverse her World Championship snub.
Geraghty admitted to being "distracted with pain" when news of Kauto Star's death broke on Tuesday and yesterday he paid tribute to the great steeplechaser, saying: "It was very sad news.
I am glad L'Escargot, winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 1970 and 1971 and the Grand National in 1975, is included, as I believe he is the most underrated steeplechaser there has ever been.
Becoming a steeplechaser at Colorado isn't for the timid.
4 Who was the last steeplechaser (left) to win the Grand National under top weight?
Emily is a talented Steeplechaser, holding numerous British records in the Under 23 category over 3000m and is ranked 2nd in the UK.
JUST days after calling time on the career of legendary steeplechaser Kauto Star, Paul Nicholls began a new era for the yard in brilliant style on a super Saturday for the champion trainer.
The medical expertise of matron Angela Milbourne, from Ingleby Barwick, was called upon when a steeplechaser broke his leg on Monday.