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steer 1

v. steered, steer·ing, steers
a. To guide (a vessel or vehicle), especially by means of a device such as a rudder, paddle, or wheel: steered the car around the curve.
b. To set and follow (a course): steered a path around the rocks.
a. To direct the course of: steered the business toward record profits. See Synonyms at conduct.
b. To advise or direct (a person) toward a place or course of action: steered the intern toward a career in sales. See Synonyms at guide.
1. To guide a vessel or vehicle.
2. To follow or move in a set course.
3. To admit of being steered or guided: a craft that steers easily.
A piece of advice: The salesman gave me a bum steer on that new car.
steer clear of
To stay away from; avoid.

[Middle English steren, from Old English stēran; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

steer′a·ble adj.
steer′er n.

steer 2

A young ox, especially one castrated before sexual maturity and raised for beef.

[Middle English, from Old English stēor; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.steerable - capable of being steered or directed
manageable - capable of being managed or controlled
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Phasor, the pioneering developer of broadband flat panel, electronically steerable antenna (ESA) systems, announced today that the company has reached agreement with OmniAccess to become its commercial launch partner in the super yacht and related maritime broadband services markets.
Jude Medical's Angio-Seal and Femoseal vascular closure products and Abbott's Vado Steerable Sheath.
A concrete slab inside the pit holds two launching pads, one used with steerable and the other with a non-steerable auger boring machine.
New lift axle series includes the ALAP-13 (PS) steerable and ALAP-13 (NS) non-steerable models, rated a 13,200 lbs.
Automotive News has reported, citing IIHS research chief, David Zuby, 'We've studied all of these different innovations to the extent we're able, and the strongest signal we get back from the data is that the steerable headlights are associated with the largest reductions of crashes reported to insurers.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 7, 2015-Merit Medical Systems partners with Sumitomo Bakelite for distribution of steerable microcatheter
M2 PHARMA-October 7, 2015-Merit Medical Systems partners with Sumitomo Bakelite for distribution of steerable microcatheter
The Steerable Wheel Sorter--engineered to accommodate cases, cartons, totes or trays weighing up to 110 pounds-can be easily reconfigured after initial implementation.
Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for a new addition to its steerable, articulating vertebral augmentation product line, the Osseoflex SB 2 milliliter steerable balloon.
com)-- Medical Mobility Shop, a leading distributor of mobility products, introduces its newly added product on its website, the new Drive Medical Steerable Walker, Model 796.
AFTER six years of joint technology development, Baker Hughes and Statoil have used a steerable drilling liner system to place a wellbore horizontally along the bottom of the Grane reservoir, through unstable shale peaks, to recover previously unreachable oil.
Lightweight, power and maneuverability are the touchstones for the Hoover Air Steerable vacuum.