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The deliberate concealment of data within other data, as by embedding digitized text in a digitized image.

[New Latin steganographia, cryptography, cipher : Greek steganos, covered (from stegein, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots) + -graphiā, -graphy.]

steg′a·no·graph′ic (-nə-grăf′ĭk) adj.


the practice of concealing messages in such a way that only the sender and the recipient know that there is a message


Archaic. the use of a secret language or code; cryptography. — steganographer, n.
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Noun1.steganography - act of writing in code or cipher
committal to writing, writing - the activity of putting something in written form; "she did the thinking while he did the writing"
encoding, encryption - the activity of converting data or information into code
recoding - converting from one code to another
decipherment, decoding, decryption - the activity of making clear or converting from code into plain text; "a secret key or password is required for decryption"
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Table 1 displays the corresponding PSNR values of the stego images for the test cover images by our ({2, 3,4}, 6) threshold changeable secret image sharing scheme.
The result shows that the AMELSBR method is able to manage for hiding and restoring files without causing excessive distortion (noise) in stego image, and has a possibility of returning most files for image manipulation such as the change of image brightness and contrast for the black and white color dominan.
The perceptual imperceptibility of the embedded image is indicated by comparing the original image or video to its stego counterpart so that their visual differences, if any, can be determined.
He established his own business, Stego Systems, Inc.
For example, early on with Stego Industries, LLC, I called a meeting, identified an issue legal in nature, proposed a solution, and received the approval to execute that solution.
Also, the nomination committee proposes to re-elect Marcus Wallenberg, Hakan Buskhe, Johan Forssell, Sten Jakobsson, Per-Arne Sandstrom, Cecilia Stego Chilo, Lena Treschow Torell and Joakim Westh, with Marcus Wallenberg being proposed as chairman of the board.
In covert communications, the stego signal does not generate suspicious about existence of the secret message and therefore the secret message can be transmitted into a secure channel.
The pixel-value differencing (PVD) [1] scheme provides high imperceptibility to the stego image by selecting two consecutive pixels and designs a quantization range table to determine the payload by the difference value between the consecutive pixels.
--fuzzificator (Fuz) which converts the fixed vector of influencing factors X in stego way of container [I.sub.W] in a vector of fuzzy sets [??] on an output of control system;
Concrete's mid-Atlantic, Texas and California operations, he adds, along with licensed or approved ready mixed producers across the country (note Stego sidebar).