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Shaped like a star.

[New Latin stēllifōrmis : Latin stēlla, star; see stellar + Latin -fōrmis, form (from fōrma).]
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[C18: from New Latin stelliformis, from Latin stella star + forma shape]
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Normal fibroblasts (NFs) isolated from normal human skin were small spindle cells, while CAFs colonies from tumor were stelliform cells with higher [alpha]-SMA expression (Figure 2(a)).
Column sessile, very short, 3-lobed, dense and shortly pubescent, 2.5 mm long, 2.7 mm wide at the stigma level; mid-lobe upward, projected between the lateral ones and holding the anther and pollinarium, triangular, shortly pilose, the hairs simple; lateral lobes more or less rounded, densely pilose, each with a tuft of bristles, the hairs long, rigid, stelliform at the apex.