stem-cell research

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Noun1.stem-cell research - research on stem cells and their use in medicine
biological research - scientific research conducted by biologists
embryonic stem-cell research - biological research on stem cells derived from embryos and on their use in medicine
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government resources for controversial programs such as stem-cell research do nothing to prevent privately financed research where some of the ethical worst-case scenarios in terms of embryo experimentation and destruction may be taking place.
I believe part of the answer as to why there's unwarranted attention for the lackluster embryonic stem-cell research (as evidenced by the media attention given Mr.
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has enjoyed a warm relationship with Religious Right groups like the Family Research Council in the past--but that came to screeching halt July 29 when Frist announced he is changing sides on the issue of stem-cell research.
It supports wide-open stem-cell research and objects to a constitutional amendment to protect the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.
bishops' pro-life secretariat has developed a series of questions and answers about Catholic teaching on stem-cell research and human cloning that has been published as a flier for use in parish bulletins.
Yet neither is a practicing scientist, and both were widely known to oppose stem-cell research. Evan Snyder, director of the stem-cell program at the Burnham Institute in La Jolla, Calif, says, "I don't think science entered into Bush's decision at all."
But today's science is already capable of sinking to this same depth of depravity with embryonic stem-cell research. Granted, there is a difference.
Brownback told the newspaper he strives to avoid raising religion when explaining his positions on issues like abortion, cloning and stem-cell research. "Otherwise," he said, "people see theology as divisive, which it shouldn't be."
LOUIS -- People in the pews really need to understand the issue of stem-cell research, especially in light of the upcoming presidential election, said a nationally respected neuroscientist and theologian.
Out of respect for the dignity of all human life, they have included in Bill C-13 a provision that forbids the creation of human beings for the express purpose of embryonic stem-cell research.
Not surprisingly, Melton is an outspoken advocate of federal support for embryonic stem-cell research, and was one of three experts invited by the White House to brief President Bush last year on the merits of such research.
John Edwards lauded Christopher Reeve's attempts to expand embryonic stem-cell research. Edwards vowed that, if elected, "We will do stem cell research.