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1. A sheet, as of plastic or cardboard, in which a desired lettering or design has been cut so that ink or paint applied to the sheet will reproduce the pattern on the surface beneath.
2. The lettering or design produced with such a sheet.
3. The process of printing with such a sheet.
tr.v. sten·ciled, sten·cil·ing, sten·cils or sten·cilled or sten·cil·ling
1. To mark with a stencil.
2. To produce by stencil.

[From Middle English stencelled, adorned brightly, from Old French estenceler, to adorn brightly, from estencele, spark, from Vulgar Latin *stincilla, alteration of Latin scintilla, spark.]

sten′cil·er n.
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She was also a very talented craft worker and stenciler.
If you're up for it, the celebrated stenciler will teach you every faux fashion trick in the decorating world.
MAYO 5 - El grupo de arte y pintura Bluebohnet Stencilers of Texas se reune el primer lunes de cada mes, excepto en dias festivos.