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1. A sheet, as of plastic or cardboard, in which a desired lettering or design has been cut so that ink or paint applied to the sheet will reproduce the pattern on the surface beneath.
2. The lettering or design produced with such a sheet.
3. The process of printing with such a sheet.
tr.v. sten·ciled, sten·cil·ing, sten·cils or sten·cilled or sten·cil·ling
1. To mark with a stencil.
2. To produce by stencil.

[From Middle English stencelled, adorned brightly, from Old French estenceler, to adorn brightly, from estencele, spark, from Vulgar Latin *stincilla, alteration of Latin scintilla, spark.]

sten′cil·er n.
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1. A method of producing images or letters from sheets of cardboard, metal, or other materials from which images or letters have been cut away.
2. A method of transfering a design by painting through shapes cut in a thin sheet of metal, paper or similar material. Stencils can be used for tiny designs, such as initials or small sunflower motifs, or for giant designs suitable for decorating an entire room.
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The book begins with an introduction that is focused on the history of stenciling, which reaches back to prehistoric caves, ancient Asian art, and indigenous crafts.
This is much more than the typical stencil book for home decor: it provides 18 projects designed to help artists view stenciling in a different light.
Having never studied art, it was only when the Christ Fleming discovered a treasured stenciling kit once owned by his grandfather, Robert, that his talent flourished.
Many cities have regulations regarding the placement of sidewalk ads, but most markets don't define water stenciling as graffiti.
Stenciling is often done in conjunction with a faux finish for decorative effect.
To incorporate direct-part marking into the production line, a metalcasting facility will need the serialized stencils, which can either be purchased or made in-house with a stenciling machine, a hot-melt glue gun (hand-held or robotized), a zebra printer to print the outside paper labels, a network server for data collection, and a scanner or imager to read the data codes.
I suggest always stenciling the rating on at least two places on each jack stand.
As a means of coding and identifying these fabricated members, American Bridge used a traditional industry method of hand stenciling (stamping) to mark every primary and secondary member.
Ask students to recall what they know about the meaning of the new word or any experiences they may have had with stenciling. Some responses may be: "My mother uses something like that to put designs on pillows," or "We used stencils to put Christmas patterns on our windows with spray snow."
The Stocksfield entrepreneur will teach the latest stenciling ideas at the International Stencil Conference in San Diego.
Stenciling is a traditional decorative technique that perfectly complements a Craftsman-style room.
Stencils must be cleaned to maintain the stencil's printing properties and the stenciling equipment and to achieve satisfactory solder paste deposition.