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 (stĕn′ə-thûr′məl) also sten·o·ther·mic (-mĭk) or sten·o·ther·mous (-məs)
Capable of living or growing only within a limited range of temperature.

sten′o·therm′ n.
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(Biology) (of animals or plants) able to exist only within a narrow range of temperature. Compare eurythermal
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Stage Salinity Temperature Embryo Stenohaline [up arrow] Stenothermal [up arrow] Early zoea Stenohaline [up arrow] Stenothermal [up arrow] Late zoea Stenohaline [up arrow] Stenothermal [up arrow] Megalopa Stenohaline [up arrow] Stenothermal [up arrow] Early juvenile Stenohaline [up arrow] Stenothermal [up arrow] Late juvenile Euryhaline [??] Eurythermal [??] Adult Euryhaline [??] Eurythermal [??] Direction of arrows indicates tolerance of high (>20; >20[degrees]C) and/or low (<20; <20[degrees]C) levels of the respective variables.
Normally, it is a stenothermal and psychrophilic form and, according to different sources, inhabits waterbodies with temperatures ranging from 10[degrees] to 19[degrees]C (Sarvala 1979a).
However, other spring-associated fishes of the Edwards Plateau have a protracted reproductive season likely influenced by the stenothermal water of spring complexes within the Edwards Plateau (Hubbs, 1985; Hubbs, 1998; Perkin et al, 2012).
Consequently, during warmer periods, such as summer, cold stenothermal species return to the deepest sites, reducing diversity and increasing the presence of dominant species.
The protein synthesis machinery operates at the same expense in eurythermal and cold stenothermal pectinids.
The keeled earless lizard, Holbrookia propinqua, is a stenothermal arenophilus lizard restricted to loose sandy soils of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico (Judd, 1973; Axtell, 1998).
[55] analyzed the transcriptome of a stenothermal Antarctic fish, Dissostichus mawsoni.
Tilefish are stenothermal, occurring along a narrow band of warm water, 9-14[degrees]C, at the continental shelf-slope break (Able et al., 1982; Grimes et al., 1986; Grimes and Turner, 1999); Marsh et al.
Vincent streams with a stenothermal restricted component in the invertebrate fauna.
The populations of stenothermal species decreased to the critical level: the Lake smelt is not caught at all and the vendace accounts for merely ca.
Pseudocandona rostrata is a benthic cold stenothermal species documented from small lakes, springs and interstitial groundwater, and its adults dominate in the summer period (Meisch 2000 and references therein).