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 (stĕn′ə-thûr′məl) also sten·o·ther·mic (-mĭk) or sten·o·ther·mous (-məs)
Capable of living or growing only within a limited range of temperature.

sten′o·therm′ n.
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(Biology) (of animals or plants) able to exist only within a narrow range of temperature. Compare eurythermal
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In addition as a cold stenothermic glacial relic species (Scott and Crossman, 1973; Taylor et al., 2011; Blanchfield et al., 2014), life history information on this species provides insight into how climate change may affect the deepwater fish fauna of Lake Superior and elsewhere.
Moreover, these penaeid shrimp are considered stenothermic, with an optimum growth temperature between 24 and 28[degrees]C (Rodriguez de la Cruz, 1981); temperatures outside this range negatively affect their growth and spawning (Rodriguez de la Cruz & Juarez-Rosales, 1976).
For example, although the same rotifer species prevailed in this lake as in other European lakes, the winter plankton has been dominated by the rotifer Rhinoglena fertoensis, a cold stenothermic specialist species inhabiting athalassic (i.e.