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n. pl. sten·o·typ·ies
The art or process of transcribing with a stenotype machine.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a form of shorthand in which alphabetic combinations are used to represent groups of sounds or short common words
[C19: from steno- + type + -y3, on the model of stenography]
stenotypic adj
ˈstenoˌtypist n


(ˈstɛn əˌtaɪ pi)

shorthand in which symbols are used to produce shortened forms of words or phrases.
[1890–95; steno (graphy) + -type + -y3]
sten`o•typ′ic (-ˈtɪp ɪk) adj.


a phonographic shorthand in which alphabetic letters, produced by hand or a special machine, are used to represent words and phrases. — stenotypist, n.stenotypic, adj.
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These services include the technical implementation of the recording material, the taking of stenotypy or taking notes by an editor, taking it according to its nature (verbatim reports or synthesized) and re-reading.