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1. Stentor Greek Mythology A loud-voiced Greek herald in the Iliad.
2. One with a loud or piercing voice.
3. Any of several trumpet-shaped ciliate protozoans of the genus Stentor, living in freshwater habitats and feeding chiefly on smaller microorganisms.

[Greek Stentōr. Sense 3, from New Latin Stentōr, genus name, from Greek Stentōr, Stentor (in reference to their trumpetlike shape).]
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(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a Greek herald with a powerful voice who died after he lost a shouting contest with Hermes, herald of the gods


1. a person with an unusually loud voice
2. (Animals) any trumpet-shaped protozoan of the genus Stentor, having a ciliated spiral feeding funnel at the wider end: phylum Ciliophora (ciliates)
[C19: after Stentor]
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(ˈstɛn tɔr)

a trumpet-shaped ciliate protozoan of the genus Stentor.
[1860–65; < New Latin; see stentorian]
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- Homer introduced Stentor, a very loud herald, in the Iliad—which gives us stentor, "person with a loud voice," and stentorian, which originally meant "loud, booming."
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Noun1.stentor - a speaker with an unusually loud voice
speaker, talker, verbaliser, verbalizer, utterer - someone who expresses in language; someone who talks (especially someone who delivers a public speech or someone especially garrulous); "the speaker at commencement"; "an utterer of useful maxims"
2.Stentor - the mythical Greek warrior with an unusually loud voice who died after losing a shouting contest with Hermes
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
3.stentor - any of several trumpet-shaped ciliate protozoans that are members of the genus Stentor
ciliate, ciliated protozoan, ciliophoran - a protozoan with a microscopic appendage extending from the surface of the cell
genus Stentor - trumpet-shaped protozoa with a ciliated spiral feeding funnel
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simulation is from simia , an ape; but in opera the actor takes for his model Simia audibilis (or Pithecanthropos stentor ) -- the ape that howls.
Once more opening his mouth and shutting his eyes, and laughing like a stentor, Kit gradually backed to the door, and roared himself out.
When they came to the part where the bravest and most in number were gathered about mighty Diomed, fighting like lions or wild boars of great strength and endurance, there Juno stood still and raised a shout like that of brazen-voiced Stentor, whose cry was as loud as that of fifty men together.
Stentor had hit a year-high of 80p in January and was trading at around 70p before March 28, when it announced it was in talks that could lead to an offer well below its share price.
DYETEX Limited requires dyeing machine, stentor and calender operatives, to work on a three-shift basis.
Stentor, an alliance of Canadian telephone companies, intends to pool resources among its companies to upgrade local, regional and national networks to provide multimedia services into homes, offices, hospitals and schools throughout Canada.
Elephant Noir Segafredo-Zanetti France - 7%: Stentor 2.4% (Tradition,
Stentor Electric Manufacturing Co., Erie requires that the forum state's choice-of-law principles govern the federal court decision-making process.
Stentor Electric Manufacturing Co., (173) the Supreme Court held that a federal court should use the choice-of-law approach of the state where the federal court is located.
"Philips, for example, has had this iStore storage capability they acquired with Stentor," he says.
Elsewhere, Irish telecoms company Stentor jumped 71/1p to 361/1p after it was identified as a potential takeover target.
Stentor Electric Manufacturing Co.(20) has not been overruled (as Baxter urged).