intermediate care

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in·ter·me·di·ate care

1. A level of medical care in a hospital that is intermediate between intensive and basic care.
2. A level of care for chronically ill, disabled, or elderly individuals, as in an intermediate care facility.
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"The reason they have no access to appropriate step-down care is due to the Government failure to adequately address the problems with the Home Help and Fair Deal Schemes.
Further work to link with the NHS including step-down care, support at home and rehabilitation services for example deliver better outcomes for the individuals involved as well as for the public purse.
Our next major focus is on step-down care. While this is understood by the sector and budget holders, it has a pejorative feel among the public, who may perceive it to mean an inferior service.
Delays occur when a patient no longer needs hospital care but has no access to appropriate step-down care.
Recovery residences are a licensed level of care in the state, with mandated minimum staffing and typically are part of a treatment continuum that goes from detoxification (if needed) to step-down care with transitional support services, and then finally to a recovery residence.
We aimed to reduce the total average length of stay (ALOS) for our patient population from 25 to 20 days and the ALOS under ACE from 8.5 to seven days; reduce the readmission rate from six per cent to four per cent; and reduce the rate of step-down care (where patients need more help than before when they are discharged, so have to go to a rest-home, rather than home, or from rest-home to private hospital) from 14 per cent to eight per cent.
Residential substance abuse treatment is available in the secure care facility with six-month programming provided for those whose assessments indicate that intensive treatment is needed along with step-down care and community follow-up.
The majority (89%) of children who were not ready for discharge or transfer to step-down care required the same level of care at review as they had at the time of their admission to the ward.
In a statement the MHRT said it had "no choice" but to discharge Mr Williams because he did not satisfy the criteria for detention under the Mental Health Act 1983, adding the panel "took steps to satisfy itself that appropriate arrangements for step-down care were in place".
* SNFs are, many times, located within a campus-style setting that accommodates congregate care and facilities for step-down care;
Maldonado said dexmedetomidine costs about $10 per patient more than propofol, but saves a tremendous amount of money in unused hospital days and step-down care associated with delirium.