step-down transformer

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Noun1.step-down transformer - a transformer that reduces voltage
transformer - an electrical device by which alternating current of one voltage is changed to another voltage
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MICTA supplied and installed 0.4/33 kV step-up transformers - nine 2000 kVA and four 1,000 kVA - and a single 33/0.4 kV step-down transformer.
Neither light source needs a ballast; however, there exist low-voltage halogen lamps that do require a step-down transformer, either magnetic or electronic.
The layer one consist with initial power generation station, layer two support the transmission of energy power from the generation to distributed substation, layer three and layer four consist with step-up and step-down transformer who performed the accelerating and step-down the electricity for the traveling on the electrical wires for domestic and commercial purposes respectively.
Designed for use with a maximum of 310 ft of heated hose, the HV-20/35 has a step-down transformer that lowers voltage to the hoses from 220 v to 70 v for safer operation.