step-up transformer

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Noun1.step-up transformer - a transformer that increases voltage
cascade transformer - a number of transformers in series; provides a high-voltage source
transformer - an electrical device by which alternating current of one voltage is changed to another voltage
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The transformers, rated at 1,750 kVA, three-phase at 60 Hz, are connected to wind turbines and are used as generation step-up transformers. They are meeting three unique wind farm electrical requirements that affect the usage of pad-mounted transformers: operation as a step-up transformer, over-excitation requirements and the need for enhanced insulation with greater basic impulse insulation level BIL.
Pacific Crest Transformers, a leader in the design and construction of liquid-filled distribution transformers, announces that it offers the PCT WTSU step-up transformer, specially designed for the wind farm turbine market.