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n. estepaje, alteración en la marcha que resulta de la caída pendular del pie obligando a levantar la rodilla y flexionar el muslo sobre la pelvis.
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Patients with a peroneal nerve injury often present with complete or partial foot drop in addition to a change in gait, such as a steppage gait.
At last exam around the age of 7.5 years he was falling more, and exam showed evidence of increased tone in lower extremities with foot drop and steppage gait in addition to decreased proprioception in the lower extremities and inconsistent responses in the upper extremities.
At the age of 8 years, she had a high steppage gait due to a deteriorated foot drop and required the daily use of ankle splints during walking.
The main symptoms were steppage gait in 20 cases (83.3%), with myalgia in legs in three patients (12.5%).
She could stand up with assistance and exhibited steppage and ataxic gait.
Other authors (16,17) have described a phenotype defined by an early onset of symptoms, usually during the first year of life, consisting in progressive distal muscle weakness, sensitive loss, steppage gait, pes cavus, kyphoscoliosis, hammertoes, and reduced or absent reflexes.
During his visit for the ischemic forearm test, a steppage gait was observed.
Untreated CPN injury results in foot drop, a supination (equinovarus) deformity, a steppage gait, and 30% to 35% limb disability.
The ankle foot orthoses improved the cadence of the patient's gait pattern by preventing foot drop and compensatory steppage but did not change the level of assistance that the patient required during the treatment.
Those articles that discussed the use of OBST described the use of this technique in the rehabilitation of knee and hip neuropathy [11], muscle weakness dystrophy [14, 15, 19], ankle dorsiflexor slapping [25], foot slapping [26], spinal cord steppage [27], foot drop steppage [28], weight bearing motor control [29], and knee arthritis [30].
Observe patient for postural stability, steppage, stride length, and sway.