(stĕp′pâr′ən-tĭng, -păr′-)
The rearing of a child or children as a stepparent.
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Chapter titles include, Developmental Schemas of Stepfamilies, Stepparenting, Mutual-Child Stepfamilies, and Marital Issues in Stepfamilies.
This edition expands, revises, and refines the framework and adds new chapters on geographically separated families, mental health disparities, and adolescents, as well as more on same-sex marriage, intermarriage, divorce, and stepparenting. It also covers more nationalities and cultures among Latino groups and integrates more research studies.
Previous researchers have investigated parenting and stepparenting using the two parenting dimensions of warmth/support and discipline/control (e.g.
I can't compare the experiences of parenting and stepparenting. I only know the one.
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Widely regarded as corrupt and threatening in popular literature, stepparenting reflects a social anxiety regarding displaced children--orphans, relatives, wards.
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Studies today reveal that 50% of lesbians plan to have children, whether biologically, by adoption, co-parenting, stepparenting, or parenting a child from a previous heterosexual relationship.