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1. One that steps, especially in a fast or spirited manner.
2. Informal A dancer.


a person or animal that steps, esp a horse or a dancer


(ˈstɛp ər)

a person or animal that steps.
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Noun1.stepper - a professional dancer
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
2.stepper - a motor (especially an electric motor) that moves or rotates in small discrete steps
motor - machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion
3.stepper - a horse trained to lift its feet high off the ground while walking or trotting
Equus caballus, horse - solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
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Of course there's no one to tell us whose fault that was," said Jerry, "and as long as I don't know I shall give him the benefit of the doubt; for a firmer, neater stepper I never rode.
40 steppers and a skeleton buggy to meet you at the top of the hill and drive you over to the cabin.
Back in the hills, there, he's got a ranch of five hundred an' eighty acres, bought it dirt cheap, too; an' I want to tell you I could travel around in a different tourin' car every day in the week just outa the profits he makes on that ranch from the horses all the way from heavy draughts to fancy steppers.
The combination of JMAR's soft X-ray source and its newly patented stepper creates a unique tool for fabrication of the zone plate diffractive optics used to collect and focus X-rays - a process critical to the development of JMAR's X-ray Microscope and X-ray Nano Probe products.
AMI Semiconductor (Nasdaq:AMIS), a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art integrated mixed-signal and structured digital products, today announced that it has expanded its high-resolution single-chip motordriver/controller capability with a new technology that allows engineers to rapidly implement sensorless stall detection into stepper motor-based designs.
By enhancing our existing SUSS full-field lithography systems with SupraYield, we can achieve high overlay accuracy and resolution of a stepper without spending additional time and resources bringing a stepper on line.
Nikon continues its focus on high productivity lithography solutions with the introduction of the NSR-SF130, a scan-field i-line stepper with high throughput and extremely low cost of ownership.
Nikon has shipped its first electron beam (EB) stepper, the NSR-EB1A, to Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies Inc.
AccuSeed DS is the most advanced digital stepper for use with Interplant.
Reflecting successful entry into new markets outside its core photolithography and optical stepper markets, Ultratech Stepper, Inc.
As part of WaferYield's iGO -- Integrated Global Optimization -- solution, WAMA Test is coordinating the Prober operation with other fab equipment such as the Stepper, in order to achieve best yield and throughput results.