stepping down

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Noun1.stepping down - a formal resignation and renunciation of powersstepping down - a formal resignation and renunciation of powers
resignation - the act of giving up (a claim or office or possession etc.)
2.stepping down - the act of abdicatingstepping down - the act of abdicating    
resignation - a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign; "he submitted his resignation as of next month"
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He, stepping down By zigzag paths, and juts of pointed rock, Came on the shining levels of the lake."
Daylight, dis tam you mek one beeg meestake," French Louis said, straightening up and stepping down from the chairs.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jun 26 (ANI): Despite party members urging him to rescind his resignation, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday remained firm on stepping down and said that he has made his stand clear about it.
Duterte added that he was 'tired' and 'exasperated by corruption,' revealing that he already planned stepping down twice before as president.
Novartis announced that Richard Francis will be stepping down as CEO of Sandoz, a Novartis division, and as a member of the Executive Committee of Novartis on March 31, 2019.
Reportedly, Ala-Pietila is stepping down from the ISS proxy voting guidelines regarding overboarding.
So you can conclude that if we have a different vice president and it is B, then he might consider stepping down. But for as long as A nor B is not vice president, then he will not step down," he added.
WELSH Rugby Union group chief executive Roger Lewis has announced he is stepping down from his position after the World Cup.
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SIR Bruce Forsyth is stepping down as presenter of the hit BBC1 series Strictly Come Dancing after a decade fronting the show.