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1. A stone that provides a place to step, as in crossing a stream.
2. An advantageous position for advancement toward a goal.


or step′ping stone`,

1. a stone for stepping on in crossing a stream, marsh, etc.
2. any means or stage of advancement or improvement.
References in classic literature ?
Like many men's wives, the good lady served her husband as a steppingstone. I had scrambled out of the coach and was instinctively settling my cravat, when somebody brushed roughly by me, and I heard a smart thwack upon the coachman's ear.
Tentatively called the Myanmar Public Companies Board, the new market will be a steppingstone for companies to list on the fledgling Yangon Stock Exchange, according to a document that Nikkei obtained.
The contemporary and unique Helsby mansion Steppingstone is up for sale again - but you'll need deep pockets to make it yours.
Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF), in partnership with SteppingStone Global, a leading consulting, coaching and training organisation, yesterday (June 27) hosted a speed networking event for the BBBF members and their guests.
Players such as Yohan Cabaye and Andros Townsend departed St James' Park to further their careers, but Elliot insists Newcastle are no longer a "steppingstone club".
Manama: The Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF), in partnership with SteppingStone Global (SSG), a leading training, consulting and coaching organisation, held its first speed networking event for members and their guests at Al Murjan ballroom at the Moevenpick Hotel, Muharraq.
A significant number appear to be using the Welsh Assembly as a steppingstone to Westminster.
The project could possibly lead to developing asteroid material for spaceship fuels or construction, making the project a steppingstone to sending humans to Mars, this feature says.
Amongst those business interests is O'Connor's property management company Steppingstone which will provide commercial support for the club.
According to Kevin Landrigan's recent piece on The, Delaney is essentially looking at the report as either job insurance or a steppingstone.
ANTHONY "Million Dollar" Crolla laughed off Derry Mathews' claim he branded his big fight rival a "steppingstone".
So, Taiwan tap Kenya as a steppingstone for exploring the markets in east Africa, with Kenya using Taiwan as channel to reach the markets in China and the Asia-Pacific.