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1. Marked by a gradual progression as if step by step: "Quantum mechanics is a natural system of stepwise interactions that governs very small things" (Malcolm W. Browne).
2. Music Moving from one tone to an adjacent one.

step′wise′ adv.
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1. arranged in the manner of or resembling steps
2. (Music, other) music US proceeding by melodic intervals of a second
3. with the form or appearance of steps; step by step
4. (Music, other) music US in a stepwise motion
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1. in a steplike arrangement.
2. Music. moving from one adjacent tone to another.
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Adj.1.stepwise - one thing at a time
gradual - proceeding in small stages; "a gradual increase in prices"
Adv.1.stepwise - proceeding in steps; "the voltage was increased stepwise"
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adj, advschritt- or stufenweise
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ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government on Tuesday has agreed to stepwise increase electricity prices by Rs2.60 per unit after the dead with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Furthermore, Pakistan will stepwise set 260 more fishermen free in the upcoming days.
Multinational Maids: Stepwise Migration in a Global Labor Market.
BASF has started a stepwise capacity increase of its production plant for alkoxylation - a downstream technology of ethylene oxide production - in Antwerp, Belgium.
Each relapse results in stepwise accumulation of disability, including blindness and paralysis, and sometimes premature death.1,2,3 Patients who have anti-AQP4 auto-antibodies represent approximately three quarters of all patients with NMOSD.4,5,6,7 There are currently no approved therapies for this disease.
A stepwise plan to get Kyrgyzstani airlines out of the Europe's blacklist was developed and the Civil Aviation Agency works according to that plan every day, Kalilov said.
This is not a comprehensive book about distal radius fractures, says Pi[+ or -]al, but an atlas--a fully illustrated compendium of techniques--that in a stepwise manner deals with even the most difficult distal radius fracture.
DOHA About 33 percent of the adult population in Qatar suffers from hypertension and the number of females with hypertension is more than males, a Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) official said on Sunday citing the Stepwise survey.
This paper proposes a stepwise Bayesian network algorithm for retrieving remote sensing images, aim to address these problems; the schema combines co-occurrence region-based Bayesian network image retrieval with average high-frequency signal strength, and adopts integrated region matching for iterative retrieval, thereby efficiently improving the precision of semantic retrieval and significantly reducing the retrieval time.
A principle component analysis (PCA) and a stepwise discriminant function analysis (DFA) were conducted, in which we compared 15 landmarks between U.
This study was to analyze the association of infections with PPROM in pregnant women in Shaanxi, China, and to establish Bayesian stepwise discriminant analysis to predict the incidence of PPROM.