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1. Marked by a gradual progression as if step by step: "Quantum mechanics is a natural system of stepwise interactions that governs very small things" (Malcolm W. Browne).
2. Music Moving from one tone to an adjacent one.

step′wise′ adv.


1. arranged in the manner of or resembling steps
2. (Music, other) music US proceeding by melodic intervals of a second
3. with the form or appearance of steps; step by step
4. (Music, other) music US in a stepwise motion



1. in a steplike arrangement.
2. Music. moving from one adjacent tone to another.
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Adj.1.stepwise - one thing at a time
gradual - proceeding in small stages; "a gradual increase in prices"
Adv.1.stepwise - proceeding in steps; "the voltage was increased stepwise"


adj, advschritt- or stufenweise
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CATHERINE W GICHUKI DOHA THE average prevalence of hypertension in Qatar stands at 33 percent of adult population with more females with hypertension compared to males, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) official has said referring to the Stepwise survey.
According to details, ANP has completed the stepwise process of nomination for Swat and nominated their candidates to contest 2018 elections.
A principle component analysis (PCA) and a stepwise discriminant function analysis (DFA) were conducted, in which we compared 15 landmarks between U.
lot 2: Stepwise commissioning according to hoai, 55, Service phases 1-9, Description and specifications analogous to lot 1.
This study was to analyze the association of infections with PPROM in pregnant women in Shaanxi, China, and to establish Bayesian stepwise discriminant analysis to predict the incidence of PPROM.
According to a private news channel, as per railway spokesperson, two meetings have been done with officials of Planning and Development Board, and consultations on high level are also being carried out to implement the new system which will start stepwise in all big cities of the country.
This volume focuses on the potential of blue economy mariculture, discussing using existing frameworks for developing sustainable mariculture, developing a stepwise approach to capacity development, coherent cross-policy activity, developing indigenous skilled capacity, developing scientific research capacity, and the integrated planning of sectors within the blue economy.
The concept, dubbed "step cell," consists of two layers arranged in a stepwise fashion, with the lower layer protruding out beneath the upper layer in order to expose both layers to incoming sunlight.
HANGU -- Stepwise repatriation of Internal Displaced People (IDP) from Akhkhel, Melakhel and Alikhel clans belonging to Orakzai Agency starts from 1st September to 4th October says South-West Sector Commanded Brigadier Imran Haider Sherazi in a visit to refugee centre here in Hangu on Friday.
The formulation subdivides the entire stress history with stepwise variations of stress, which are called incremental stresses, applied at the end of a small time interval [11].
The book has 26 chapters and entails all functional groups IUPAC nomenclature rules in a stepwise manner.
However, instead of making a direct comparison between the two alternatives, the paper adopts a stepwise approach, moving the various main parts of the processing from the topside to the seabed in nine steps until nothing remains on the surface.