sterculia family

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Noun1.sterculia family - a large family of plants of order Malvales
dilleniid dicot family - family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Malvales, order Malvales - Malvaceae; Bombacaceae; Elaeocarpaceae; Sterculiaceae; Tiliaceae
genus Sterculia - type genus of the Sterculiaceae: deciduous or evergreen trees of Old and New World tropics and subtropics
Brachychiton, genus Brachychiton - Australian trees (usually with swollen trunks)
Cola, genus Cola - large genus of African trees bearing kola nuts
genus Dombeya - genus of African shrubs or small trees
Firmiana, genus Firmiana - small genus of Asian trees or shrubs
genus Helicteres, Helicteres - genus of shrubs and small trees of tropical America and Asia having cylindrical fruits spirally twisted around one another
genus Heritiera, genus Terrietia, Heritiera, Terrietia - small genus of timber trees of eastern Asia, Australasia and tropical Africa that form large buttresses
genus Hermannia, Hermannia - genus of African herbs and subshrubs having honey-scented bell-shaped flowers
genus Pterospermum, Pterospermum - genus of tropical Asian trees and shrubs
genus Tarrietia, Tarrietia - small genus of east Asian and Australian timber trees
genus Theobroma, Theobroma - cacao plants
genus Triplochiton, Triplochiton - small genus of tropical African trees with maplelike leaves
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